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In Morocco

In Morocco - Edith Wharton I have been interested in this part of the world for some time...I have always been something of a romantic, devouring the works of Paul Bowles ,long time resident of Morocco.. and following the adventures of intrepid female travellers; Gertrude Bell, Isabelle Eberhardt, Freya Stark. so I was thoroughly prepared to love this book.
In fact it was , to use a sporting cliche,a game of two halves for me. The lush descriptions of the sights and sounds of Morocco were enticing, the historical detail absorbing, and in this respect I was not disappointed.
However I was unable to completely enjoy this book because of my modern -day sensibilities jarring with the terminology and attitudes of the period in which this was written. I felt a little squeamish at the description of people as 'blacks', for example, and also at the idea that the 'natives' were almost like small children to be patted on the head by their colonial masters. I do understand the context in which the writer lived and worked, and so don't blame her for it, but it just took the edge off my enjoyment of the book, which is why I rated it only 3 stars..