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The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton This is the third of Kate Morton's books that I've read this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A story of a little girl, left on a ship bound for Australia by a mysterious woman known as 'the Authoress' and told not to move..on arrival in Oz no-one collects the child and she is taken home and adopted by one of the port workers. Years later when she has grown up her adoptive father tells her the truth and she subsequently sets out to discover where she has come from,why she had been left, and who she really is. She finds out that her roots are english, even visiting the country in the quest for her true identity, but life intervenes and it falls to her granddaughter to complete the search and resolve the mystery after her death.. Family saga, 'mystery and history' as I like to to call it...right up my street..