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Two Evils (Monkeewrench #6)

Two Evils  (Monkeewrench #6) - P.J. Tracy hmm, I got this fro review and didn't like it..but can't find the words to explain why yet. I will have to give it further thought..
I wasn’t aware before I started to read this book that it is actually the sixth book in a series following the activities of a group of software engineers called Monkeewrench. It isn’t necessary to have read the other books, however I did feel that there was a lot of history between some of the characters in this story that would have benefitted from a bit more explanation.
The book opens with an assassination attempt that is thwarted by the quick thinking of our heroine, Grace MacBride. The target of the attempt is a retired FBI agent. The question therefore is; who is trying to kill him and what has he done to deserve it? Has he been poking his nose into something instead of enjoying his retirement?
Far away in another part of the country a young girl is found dead;in the course of the day others are found,seemingly executed. The police are at a loss as to what is the connection between them, if any. And why do the victims have Hallowe’en circled on the calendar ?.As they begin to investigate, other homicides in different cities are discovered, which also seem to point to a Hallowe’en connection. But what is it, and what does it have to do with our retired FBI guy, now on the run in fear for his life.?

I don’t really want to say more about the plot , but I will say that I’m afraid I didn’t like this book much. I felt there were too many characters and not enough depth for my tastes. Perhaps this is where I suffered from not having read any of the earlier books.
Sadly it just all felt too formulaic. There was so much going on it was hard to get a handle on things at times, and the whole thing seemed rushed and shallow ,which is a shame because I quite liked Grace MacBride.
(And without giving too much away, please someone check out the proper use of the word ‘jihad’).
It just wasn’t for me I’m afraid..