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The Nao of Brown

The Nao of Brown - Glyn Dillon I confess I only read this for a genre challenge, and while I doubt I'll read other graphic novels-I'm snowed under with a TBR pile of regular books- I have to say that I found this engaging and ultimately moving, to the point of shedding a few tears. (It was strange to see part of the action set in Brighton where I just happen to live, and also one of the main characters bears an uncanny resemblance to my ex husband, but that's by the by..)

The Nao of the title is a deeply vulnerable and suffering girl,half Japanese, Buddhist, and struggling with obsessive thoughts. She reaches out to a washing- machine repairman who is wrestling with his own demons, and it makes for a prickly and delicate relationship. Beautifully drawn and surprising..towards the end I found myself gasping at the turn of events..