June's Room


Q - Evan Mandery I liked this a lot, but I didn't love it. Perhaps because I felt the whole thing to be a cerebral exercise rather than it having much heart. (Luckily, I like cerebral books, much as I like movies where people talk a lot..)
This is a story of a young man who falls in love with the 'Q' of the title ..shortly before they are to marry he receives a visit from his future self, warning him not to go ahead with the marriage. The reasons for this are compelling and our hero listens to that advice, breaking up with Q . Over the following years he receives several more of these visits.Each time he follows the advice,changing the course of his life until the next visitor comes along to tell him how that choice was wrong, and to give him new directions.
Eventually he comes to the point in his life where time travel is invented. Looking back on his decision not to marry Q he ponders on what he ought to have done differently..and sets out to revisit the past..

I enjoyed the discussions of time travel in this book, as a sci-fi fan, and the ponderings on life in general. The part that stopped it being-for me- a five star book was the relationship between the lovers; it wasn't developed enough for me, although I realise this wasn't intended to be a 'romance' ' per se... I just didn't believe in it enough..